EIFEA directory showcases the best of all best. Everyday +10000 users put their trust in to find the perfect education service providers/institution that meets their needs. We strongly believe in the value of collaboration. In addition to working closely with our members, we work with a range of partners that share our values and advance global action for education including local and international networks, agencies, foundations, organisations, schools, colleges and universities.

The EIFEA Secretariat provides services, information and resources to member institutions and their staff – from senior executives and policy makers, to researchers, academic team members, grant makers and administrators – as well as the wider community of education consultants and practitioners.

We are the global organization for the education profession, comprising of academic institutions, education practitioners, educators, academics and more; representing nearly 2million professional educators in over 92 countries. We speak on the global stage about issues impacting the education profession; spanning policy, governance, international standards, a future-ready workforce, and more.


EIFEA provides information and legal advice (telephonically or via email) to her members on working conditions and entitlements. This includes assistance and advice to protect employment rights of members in legal matters. Extensive legal services with access to cover against civil, criminal and labour matters. Around the clock assistance with a 24 hour emergency helpline. Cover yourself, spouse and children up to 21 years if they are a full-time student. Access to Bail Benefit Services - covering you for up to $250 bail for illegal arrests.

Each member has an appointed Federation Representative and Women Workplace Advocate; EIFEA offers inexpensive legal cover to protect you and give you access to a qualified and professional lawyer. You can also contact the Federation on +1 703-634-6584 for individual assistance.

Representation and voting rights in the decision-making forums of the federation at the Annual Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

EIFEA operates a call centre to answer members’ enquiries on working conditions and a range of employment issues.

EIFEA keeps members informed of developments in education, scholarships and news relating to unfolding developments.

This grant is awarded annually to a member to undertake research on an issue of practical significance to members. Access to paid bursary is available to allow members to attend a variety of courses to develop their skills and federation knowledge.

The EIFEA CPL is the federation-supported professional learning centre and provides Federation members with high quality courses, conferences and teaching support.

All members receive the JPL; also known as the professional Code of Ethics to support their teaching and professional practice.

EIFEA Legal Business plan is designed to protect owners and operators of education facilities, and provide you with legal cover which includes: guidance, advice and representation for: -Labour matters: assistance with employee dispute resolution, retrenchment proceedings, labour court proceedings. -Commercial contracts: guidance about purchase and sale agreements, commercial lease agreements, employment contracts -Debt collection: guidance about debt collection procedures.

The Mutual Bank offers a wide range of products and services with competitive interest rates. We offer soft loans, salary advance, retirement packages and more.

EIFEA Debt consolidation allows you to attain a single loan that repays many other smaller loans. This simplifies sometimes confusing, multiple debt repayments, into one consolidated payment that may even save the debtor money.

EIFEA members can join this top fund at competitive contribution rates. Services include competitive travel insurance. The EIFEA Health Centre provides financial assistance for eye and dental services of up to $15000 for a life time.

  • Access to Africa’s largest education community of over 1,000,000 active members
  • School & Student Exchange
  • Educators Exchange
  • Regional Interschool’s Competition and Award
  • Educators Professional Training (EPT)
  • School Principals, Managers and Administrators Training (SPMAT)
  • Principalship Course for Aspiring Principals (PCAP)
  • International Examination Implementation for interested schools (e.g. Cambridge, SAT, etc)
  • Curriculum Planning and Development
  • Schools Sponsorship and Funding (renovations, education development etc)
  • School Trips and Excursions (Local and International)
  • Career Counseling and Guidance (For Individuals, Schools & Colleges)
  • School Management Systems & Software’s
  • Schools Management & Administration (Full/Part Option Available)
  • Name tags for each member (On request only)
  • Certificate of membership for educators and schools (On request only)
  • Scholarship opportunities for active members
  • Code of Professional of Ethics for members
  • Monthly Newsletters

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